Onboard Surfboards logo with a surfboard shaper on the background

Onboard Surfboards – Ericeira

I was assigned with designing a visual identity that would resonate with the surf community and create trust in Onboard Surfboards' products.


Jobsite Surfboard Factory




Logo & Visual Identity


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

I was assigned with designing an attractive visual identity that would resonate with Ericeira’s surf community and create trust in Onboard Surfboards’ products.

Onboard Surfboards, a new surfboard manufacturer from the surf mecca of Ericeira, aspires to make a substantial impact in the extremely competitive surf market. They wanted a visual identity that reflected the passion of surfing while also expressing confidence and credibility in their surfboard craftsmanship.

Onboard Logo GIF sketch
shaper shapping a surfboard
onboard surfboards vertical logos
surfers having fun while surfing with their onboard surfboards
Onboard surfboards horizontal logo grid
surfer performing a maneuver with an onboard surfboard
black T-shirt with white onboard logo
Onboard surfboards billboard
Logo being applied to a surfboard
Onboard Surfboards color pallete
surfer doing an air with an Onboard
onboard surfboards font families
Surfer holding his Surfboard after surfing
instagram posts
stickers in the sand
SS 0.5 model artwork
feather flag at the beach
Onboard Surfboards Business cards
Surfer surfing with an Onboard Surfboard in ericeira

All rights reserved to Onboard Surfboards – Ericeira
More info: www.onboardsurf.com

Photography: Gonçalo Plácido e Octavio Scholz
Video: Octavio Scholz

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